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PLEASE NOTE:  The Grier Room has a new default setup, Luncheon Seating with six tables and ten chairs at each table.  Please note the updated Grier Room catering rules at https://www.eecs.mit.edu/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/Grier-Catering-Rules.pdf.  Please contact eecsrooms@eecs.mit.edu if you have questions about room policies.  Bookmark the EECS Rooms Calendar address: http://calendars.mit.edu/eecs

  • GC= Grier Combined *Capacity 120*
  • GA= Grier A *Capacity 60*
  • GB= Grier B *Capacity 60*
  • J= Jackson Room
  • HQ1= EECS HQ 1 (38-413)
  • HQ2= EECS HQ 2 (38-477)
  • U1= Undergrad Conference 1 (36-115)
  • U2= Undergrad Conference 2 (36-117)

NOTE: border around icon denotes a non-EECS event