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PLEASE NOTE:  The Grier Room has a new default setup, Luncheon Seating with six tables and ten chairs at each table.  

The staff at EECS Headquarters will be working remotely on Fridays during the summer through September 1.  

If you reserve an EECS conference room on a Friday, please make sure to sign out the conference room key the afternoon of the Thursday before.  

Once done with the key, please drop it off in the “Drop Box” outside of the EECS Suite by the 38-409 door.

Please contact eecsrooms@mit.edu if you have questions about room policies.  Bookmark the EECS Rooms Calendar address: https://calendars.mit.edu/eecs

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Please note: Max capacity=8; lcd projector.

The smaller of the two EECS headquarters conference rooms, holding 8 people maximum, 38-477, is used only by faculty and staff in EECS only. The room includes an overhead lcd projector and a white board. NEW HQ1 and 2 USE POLICY effective Jan. 18, 2012: Use of either EECS headquarters conf. rooms (38-477 and 413) is limited to just DH meetings, EECS Staff related meetings, EECS related meetings (RQE, thesis committee, etc.), occasional research meeting (must be completed by 4pm). Not for recurring research meetings.

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EECS Usage Policies (6/11/12)

Please read the EECS Usage Policies (6/11/12).



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